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MUSIC // “Spotify Wishlist”

You know when you hear a new song and you’re listening to it on repeat on YouTube while you’re at home, desperately waiting for the release date which is usually like an annoying three months away. Which means its not on Spotify for an absolute age and you’re using all your mobile data up trying to get your daily listen while YouTube takes it sweet time to decide whether or not it wants to buffer for a good hour or so. Anyone else know this struggle?



VMAs 2014: Best and Worst Dressed


So the star studded event known as the VMAs/BeyMAs 2014 was on last night and the red carpet showcased a diverse range of looks. In this post, I’ll share with you my best and worst dressed of the VMAs 2014. Keep a look out for a post on my thoughts on Beyoncé’s iconic Vanguard performance later on my blog but for now lets start off with Worst Dressed – save best til last. Have a click on each image to see it full size and my thoughts on each look!