Lawson at MTV Live Lockdown

This happened back in April but wasn’t sure if I was allowed to share it as it hadn’t aired yet. But now its on MTV, “Roads” is out and they’ve been on tour….I think I’ve waited long enough to post it now! So, I’ve been a Lawson fan for far too long and always missed any chance to see them perform live because of one reason or the other. So for this to be such an intimate and exclusive show I could actually go to was an incredible opportunity which I thought I’d share with you guys.



The VMAs 2014: Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé.

Okay so just how incredible was the VMAs Beyoncé concert Sunday night?! Seriously though, there were too many times I genuinely forgot about the rest of the VMAs and any other performances because well….Beyoncé. I’ve been waiting for a live full out televised awards performance from Bey for too long so its safe to say I was HYPED as was the rest of Twitter Hive. Speculation was rife with rumours as to what she was going to perform, who was going to present her with the MJ Video Vanguard Award and whether they’d be any special guests. In this post, I’m going to recap the big moments of the 2014 BeyMAs: looks of the night, the big performance and other best bits. Enjoy! [Apologies in advance for the lengthy read!]