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MUSIC // “Spotify Wishlist”

You know when you hear a new song and you’re listening to it on repeat on YouTube while you’re at home, desperately waiting for the release date which is usually like an annoying three months away. Which means its not on Spotify for an absolute age and you’re using all your mobile data up trying to get your daily listen while YouTube takes it sweet time to decide whether or not it wants to buffer for a good hour or so. Anyone else know this struggle?



Music I’m Loving #1


This post has come about because I’ve recently been reunited with my laptop and iTunes library so I’ve now been able to update my iPod after about 5 months. (I know, I don’t understand how I coped either but shout out to Youtube and Grooveshark for supporting me through this hard time). Let’s begin:


British band Rixton, (from left to right) Lewi, Danny, Jake and Charley

British band Rixton, (from left to right) Lewi, Danny, Jake and Charley

Its safe to say I have developed a new obsession in the form of British band Rixton. After Shazaming one of their songs ‘Me and My Broken Heart’ thinking it was a new Maroon 5 track and before you know it I’ve spent all night searching every interview, cover, performance they’ve done and fallen in love. Like deeply in love. Their success started off in USA after a whirlwind of being signed by Scooter Braun (responsible for the likes of Bieber, Ariana Grande and The Wanted), having their single played on Ryan Seacrest and performing on Ellen, The Voice USA and supporting Ariana and Biebs on tour. They are definitely up there on my concert wishlist and I can’t wait to see them do even bigger things here in the UK. My favourite songs of their’s are Appreciated, Me and My Broken Heart (OUT NOW BTW), Speakerphone and their newest one Wait On Me.

2. Kiesza – Giant In My Heart

The amount of times I replayed the Hideaway video is ridiculous, I’m still in love with it now. I’m a sucker for choreography and 90s so it would be cray if I didn’t love Kiesza. I just love how she channels that old-skool vibe in her music and videos. I won’t lie, I was wary as to whether this would be as big of a hit as Hideaway but Kiesza has DELIVERED. The video’s a little different to Hideaway but you still see her KILLING that choreography along with two backing dancers in black. I’m waiting to hear this on a night out so I can go OFF on the dancefloor but until then I’ll have the video on repeat and jam alone in my room. Make sure you grab it on 10th August in UK!

3. MAGIC! – Rude

I. Can’t. Stop. Singing. This. Song. I was literally flicking through the music channels on telly one day and saw this, never heard it before so I stayed on, watched and listened. Since then, every few minutes or so I can pretty much guarantee I will be singing a lyric from this song; out loud, in my head, humming – the song is sung in some way. ( *SINGS AT TOP OF LUNGS* CAN I HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE? SAY YES SAY YES ‘CAUSE I NEED TO KNOW). There have definitely been mixed reviews on the song  but I can definitely say I’m a fan. I love his voice, his awkward (yet cool) dancing in the video and the reggae feel to in the melody. Give the video a watch and whether you like it or loathe it, prepare to have it stuck in your head for some time.

4. M.O – Dance on My Own

My girlssss! I love love LOVE these girls so much and the throwback feel they bring with their style and sound. I always have such major style and hair envy whenever I see their pics pop up on Instagram. Their newest single is called Dance on My Own and like their other songs alike, I’ve fallen hard for this one. I’m still so sad that I missed them touring with Little Mix earlier this year (my exams clashed with the tour dates waaaaah) but couldn’t be prouder to see how far they’ve come since the Wait Your Turn days and I just know they’re gonna be BIG. I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store (fingers crossed an album…!?) so I would highly recommend you check these girls out. Give their video (see above) a watch and check out their other music and behind the scenes videos here. So that’s some of what I’m loving this week, what about you guys? If you’re loving these as well or you’ve got any new music recommendations for me or you just wanna say heeeeey, please give show some love in the comments below!

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