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“Warm Chocolate Eyes + Rosy Lips”: Quick & Easy Drugstore Interview Makeup

If you’re following me on Insta (cough cough, plug plug), you’d have seen I’d posted a selfie in which I wore this particular make-up look. Not to blow my own trumpet (not heard that in a while haha) but I quite liked my make-up that day – *plays Feelin’ Myself in the background* – and decided to share it on the blog. So here it is…



Lip Combo #2: “Barely There” – Nude

So as I mentioned at the end of the last Lip Combo post (have a lil’ refresher here), I had another lip combination I wanted to share with you guys, and as promised, here’s The Nude!


The Beauty Scenario Tag

[image: Tumblr]

So I was tagged by the lovely Shannon to do the Beauty Scenario Tag. Apparently its been around for a while now but I personally haven’t heard of this one before. It sounds like an interesting different one and I’m looking forward to answering some go the tricky questions. Let’s get to it! (more…)


winter beauty

Like most people, I despise having dry skin. And whilst winter is one of my favourite seasons, my already dry skin suffers to the extreme due to it being so cold. I started to realise that my day creams weren’t enough to ensure that My skin wasn’t drying out as soon as the cold winds smacked it in the face. In this post, I’m gonna share with you how I keep my skin moisturised and baby soft throughout the cold months! Hope you enjoy!


Beauty // My Updated Foundation Routine

As you can see from the title, I will be sharing with you my foundation routine. Even though I’ve not shared my foundation routine on here before, I say updated because I recently tried out the No. 7 Instant Radiance foundation (which you can read my thoughts on it here) and plan on incorporating it into my everyday routine once I’ve purchased the full size version. My foundation routine varies with how much time I’ve got and to be honest, if I can be bothered really. But this post will hopefully give you an idea of what I use generally for my foundation recently on a day to day basis.


Beauty // No.7 Instant Radiance Foundation Review

So I went to my local Boots last weekend with mum for a browse when I noticed the No. 7 match made service counter. I didn’t hold a lot of hope that my shade would be there but after getting the MUA on hand to do the match test, I was surprised to have found a match! I was told my shade was Walnut, which is the darkest one available in the No. 7 range. I told the MUA I use foundation to even out my skin tone a bit and how I want something to brighten my skin especially in the colder months when my skin can tend to look dull. She suggested the Instant radiance foundation and as I didn’t fancy staying in store, she gave me a sample to take away. I thought I’d share my thoughts on it for a few reasons; one being I haven’t seen many reviews on this shade of this collection and another being…I wanted to share it with you guys. Hope they’re good enough enough reasons and you find this somewhat a helpful or enjoyable read at least!