BEAUTY // H&M LIPSTICK in “Downtown Red” (REVIEW + SWATCH on Dark Skin)

So over the Christmas hols, I had managed to leave every single lipstick I own back at uni. Safe to say I was pretty heartbroken when I realised this and thank God it was short lived when I stumbled upon this little gem.

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I didn’t even know H&M had a cosmetics range (just me who was the late bloomer with this orrr…?)! I only realised when I had a quick browse on their website doing some Christmas shopping. I then had this issue of picking a shade as there was such a range – lovely nudes to deep berry reds. I went with Downtown Red as it looked closest to the classic red I usually have and would be a good replacement for any parties I had in the festive season. I was concerned it wouldn’t suit my darker skin tone because I couldn’t find any dark skin swatches online but at £3.99, I think it’s worth a try (I know I know what’s £4 really, but money’s money….am I student or am I a student?!).

Boy am I happy I took the £4 plunge! I fully fell in love with this lipstick as soon as I tried it on. It comes in very simple packaging – Long black tube with “LIPSTICK by H&M” written across and there is a small transparent bottom where you see the shade. Now I will say, this does not show the true shade – the bullet is a truer picture of the deeper red with berry/cool undertones. This was a surprise considering I wanted a classic popping red – but a pleasant surprise at that as I always find myself either mixing shades or darkening my lipstick to achieve such a colour! So no complaints there!

It’s an absolute dream to apply; at the £4 mark some people wouldn’t expect the quality to be that good. It’s very moisturising in application with no tugging and every swipe is that lovely and pigmented berry red I adore. As I prefer a matte finish, I blot down the moisture shine it gives and usually this can take away pigmentation but this isn’t the case- if anything I think it looks better and more striking as a matte colour. But each to their own…

Here’s a swatch of the lipstick and what it looks like on; one swipe applied straight from the bullet, blotted down and lightly applied again:



I put this lipstick to the test soon and wore it to a Christmas dinner and dance. Obviously there was a lot of eating and drinking and taking which left little time to reapply so I didn’t (oop) and considering all the above, I’d say for the first hour or so, the colour stayed in tact. Yes there was transfer onto my glass and yes the colour did fade in the later part of the night but in its defence, due to the berry like undertones, the fade was a nice (slightly deeper) rosy hue on the lips. Which I luckily managed to get away with because a) it was dark b) it still looked decent and c) I didn’t really care at this point because it was dark and…well food.

As I said, I’m obviously of a darker skin tone and I think this shade really compliments the skin tone so nicely and offers a darker alternative to the usual bright red lip. Also it contributes to making your teeth look a lovely sparkly white – always a plus. People who are of paler complexion may initially be wary of the deep was of this shade, however I can imagine this would look lush as a striking statement matte lip against a neutral/barely there face and eyes. If you’re not feeling so brave, maybe try using a lip brush instead of straight from the bullet to give a more subtle lip stain that adds that little extra pop of colour instead of the whole shebang.

Only qualm I have about this lipstick is that it can be a pain to remove when you actually want to take it off. It leaves a slight pink stain and your lips feel slightly sore from trying to scrub it off. I’d suggest using a strong eye or lip makeup remover rather than just a makeup remover wipe.

Other than that, I LOVE this lipstick shade and it’s fast becoming my go to night time lipstick (sorry MUA and Rimmel, I still love you I promise). I had my eye on other shades in the range and recently caved and got “B for Boss” – a nude which I pray will actually work as a nude for my skin tone without looking like dream matte mousse lips (pray for me). I’ll more than likely be doing a post all about it so stay tuned to see my thoughts!

Have any of you guys purchased anything from the H&M cosmetics range? Also what lip liner would you guys recommend for this shade, I’m struggling to find a good match that’s not too pricey! Feel free to let me know on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or just comment below!

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading 🙂

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BEAUTY // REVIEW: Illamasqua Powder Foundation (Shade 330)

Illamasqua was one of those brands that I admired from far as I could never bring myself to splurge. However, when I saw they had a sale with items up to 70% off, I caved and had a rummage through the website to come across their powder foundation that was reduced from £26.00 to *drum roll* £7.80!! Yes, £7.80 – CRAY. And to top it all off, it was shade 330 (the darkest shade) was the shade that was discounted and the colour looked as if it would work with my skin tone. So I bought it and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it in this post. (more…)



So in my previous post I talked about what I was thankful for in 2014 and what I was hoping for in 2015, you can have a read of it here. 2014 was definitely filled with so many memories: seeing Beyoncé for the second time and holding her hand (YES I HELD HER HAND), interned at Boots Head Offices in the summer, started my blog, made some AMAZING friends, met some incredible people, finished and passed my first year at uni, saw Rixton live, road trips, birthdays, parties, and lots of laughter. Of course there were low points but lets not dwell on that. Here are my highlights of 2014, hope you enjoy!

To think there are even more photos on my old phone  and on my Instagram that I can’t get off at the moment just goes to show how camera happy I got this year haha! What were your highlights of 2014? I’ve really enjoyed reading people’s year round up/highlights posts so feel free to comment links to any of these below!

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LIFESTYLE// Thankful for 2014, hopeful for 2015

Its super weird thinking that its the end of 2014 today, literally feels like about a month or so ago we were all ringing in the new year! Time really does fly by! With this post, I fancy a little bit of a ramble if I’m honest, bit of a reflection, ’cause if NYE isn’t a time to get all deep, rambly and reflective, when is it!?

So new years resolutions: almost everyone seems to attempt to make one up and almost without fail…well they fail to do so. Me personally, I’ve not been big on doing new years resolutions or at least saying them out loud purely because I don’t often stand by it or the usual being it lasts for about a month (day) or two and it all goes out the window.

With this being said, 2014 was the cliché rollercoaster for me with a lot of loop-di-loops (how do you even spell loop-di-loop!?) and I’m actually nothing but thankful for the fact I’ve been through it all and I’m alive and well to see in 2015 (and many more years in the future we pray!). Me and my family like to do this thing where we write or say what we’re thankful for this year and what we hope to see happen/do in the year to come. So I’m gonna do just that!



winter beauty

Like most people, I despise having dry skin. And whilst winter is one of my favourite seasons, my already dry skin suffers to the extreme due to it being so cold. I started to realise that my day creams weren’t enough to ensure that My skin wasn’t drying out as soon as the cold winds smacked it in the face. In this post, I’m gonna share with you how I keep my skin moisturised and baby soft throughout the cold months! Hope you enjoy!


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award: Answers & Nominations


So I was recently nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by the ever so lovely Shannon – thank you so much, its so nice to know you enjoy reading my blog as I’ve loved reading yours as well! I’ve actually known Shannon since I was quite young from back home and I love reading all her posts to see how she’s getting on (not in a creepy way, promise haha!). Make sure you go check out her blog: Shannon Stacey! (more…)

Liebster Award: Answers & Nominations

Liebster award!


So I was kindly nominated twice by the lovely bloggers that are The Escapologist’s Daughter (Fiona) and Liv – as a newbie to the blogging world this for sure made me smile so thank you again lovelies for the noms. Super sorry its taken me FOREVER to actually answer them – if you’ve read my last post will understand why its taken so long. Pre-warning, this is gonna be a long post as I’ll be answering both girls set of questions but hopefully my answers make your stay worthwhile!


Life Update // Where’ve you been?!

Hello hello hello!

I realised my last post was 18 days ago and in reality that doesn’t sound long but on here, it feels like a lifetime ago which is why I thought I should just explain why this is…hence this post!

As some of you may – or may not (awks) – have noticed, I’ve not been blogging or on any social media for some time now. This is due to a lot of things – uni, personal stuff, lack of laptop (loooooonnng story) – but I am now back! YAY.

Now being a 2nd year, moving into a house, looking for jobs, uni work, trying not be a hermit AND applying for my placement year next year, its safe to say its a hectic few weeks which obvs hasn’t left a lot of time for posts and tweets.

I won’t sit here and say I’m gonna be posting at least once a week because lets face it, that’s less than likely gonna happen and I didn’t stick to that anyway (sorry not sorry…but I am sorry). What I will say is that I am still gonna blog and try and participate in Twitter chats still but just not as often and more so when I have the time on my hands. I’m still getting to know my uni workload at the mo, but once I’m a lil more settled, I can incorporate (“regular”) posting into my timetable. (Hopefully this is making some kind of sense, I’m not really sure it did but we’re gonna go with it!).

I have a few posts and ideas that I most definitely* need to get on here asap (i.e. Liebster Award noms – thank you and sorry again guys!) but keep an eye out on here, Bloglovin and Twitter for updates on those! If you guys have any suggestions on some posts you’d like me to do (e.g. make up looks, special occasion style picks, etc), please do feel free to let me know in the comments below or tweet/email/message me (links at the bottom of this post as per usual)! Definitely want to know your input!

Also just a thank you for still being so supportive even though I’ve not been posting for a while now, I was in shock to see I was still getting views and follows! It might be silly to some but it genuinely means so much, so again thank you.

I think that may just be everything I wanted to say, so yeah…hopefully will be on here again soon but if I’m not at least you now know why!

*nothing important, I was just super excited that I managed to spell definitely without spell check for the first time – felt it needed some recognition…

Until next time,



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Beauty // My Updated Foundation Routine

As you can see from the title, I will be sharing with you my foundation routine. Even though I’ve not shared my foundation routine on here before, I say updated because I recently tried out the No. 7 Instant Radiance foundation (which you can read my thoughts on it here) and plan on incorporating it into my everyday routine once I’ve purchased the full size version. My foundation routine varies with how much time I’ve got and to be honest, if I can be bothered really. But this post will hopefully give you an idea of what I use generally for my foundation recently on a day to day basis.


HOW TO: 8 Tips on Promoting Your Blog


[image: Tumblr]

I’m fairly new still so I’m still learning about the best ways to get my blog out there. Whilst followers, likes and comments aren’t the defining be all and end all of your blog, it is comforting to know someone is reading your posts! During my blogging life so far, I’ve found some little things that have helped to promote my blog and I thought I would share these with you. Hope this helps in someway, enjoy!