Favourite Bloggers & YouTubers of 2015

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This year I’ve come across some great bloggers and YouTube channels which I thought I would share with you guys – you may even spot your faves or discover someone new to subscribe to!



Liebster Award: Answers & Nominations

Liebster award!


So I was kindly nominated twice by the lovely bloggers that are The Escapologist’s Daughter (Fiona) and Liv – as a newbie to the blogging world this for sure made me smile so thank you again lovelies for the noms. Super sorry its taken me FOREVER to actually answer them – if you’ve read my last post will understand why its taken so long. Pre-warning, this is gonna be a long post as I’ll be answering both girls set of questions but hopefully my answers make your stay worthwhile!


“Sweater Weather” // A/W Style & Beauty Picks


I think its safe to say that Autumn has officially arrived which means Winter is just around the corner and couldn’t be happier about this if I tried! And not just because Winter means my birthday and Christmas but because A/W means wrapping up and layering up. To be completely honest, I find it so much easier and much more fun to dress for the cold than the summer. I started looking for coats in Spring and have been finding every opportunity to wear a jumper – eager I know. I thought i’d put this post together showing you some of my picks for the chillier months! I’ve split them into Clothes, Shoes & Accessories and Beauty & Skincare. Click on the images/sets to see full details of each product and where to buy them over on my Polyvore.


Style Crushin’: Beyoncé


For those of you slightly confused, its Beyoncé’s 33rd birthday today and I thought in honour of this, I’d share with you just some of my all time favourite looks Bey has sported over the recent years. 

I’d most definitely say Beyoncé is one of my personal style inspirations. Like Bey, I love experimenting, mixing and matching with prints and different cuts and I love the way wears BOTH high-street and designer. She most recently posted her Made In America outfit on her Instagram where she wears a black Topshop ribbed crop that she’s worn before and only £8 (and you can buy the exact one here). Yep you read that right – Beyoncé wears Topshop. Cray I know.  (more…)

Beyoncé x CR Fashion Book


CR Fashion Book Issue 5, Cover Reveal

BEYONCÉ on the cover of CR Fashion Book Issue 5


It was revealed last week that CR Fashion Book (magazine owned by Carine Rotfield – former editor in chief for French Vogue) have bagged Beyoncé as their cover star for Issue 5 in which an original poem, penned by B herself, titled “Bey The Light” is included amongst sultry editorial portraits.  (more…)

Style // I Want…H&M


Okay so the last “I Want…” post was all about ASOS and this time around H&M is the star of the show. H&M is closely behind ASOS in my list of favourite shops EVER. During a student takeover event last autumn, I lost my friends after bee lining for H&M and managed to spend around £60-£70 in about 20 minutes. No lies. On that note, let’s swiftly move onto my favourite H&M picks at the moment!

PICKSS (more…)

VMAs 2014: Best and Worst Dressed


So the star studded event known as the VMAs/BeyMAs 2014 was on last night and the red carpet showcased a diverse range of looks. In this post, I’ll share with you my best and worst dressed of the VMAs 2014. Keep a look out for a post on my thoughts on Beyoncé’s iconic Vanguard performance later on my blog but for now lets start off with Worst Dressed – save best til last. Have a click on each image to see it full size and my thoughts on each look!


Favourite YouTubers


Most can probably relate, in my spare time I love to watch YouTube videos. I watch such a variety from reviewers, ranters, beauty and hair gurus, the lot. Over the years, I’ve grown to love some YouTubers in particular and in this post, I’ll share with which ones these are.

1. Patricia Bright 

I love watching all of Patricia’s videos, she’s so chatty and funny that you can enjoy them on a relatable level. My personal favourite of hers currently is her collab she recently did with Shirley called Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self – the pair of them are just hilarious together! I love watching her beauty and hair videos in particular because we have very similar skin tone and hair types so I like to nick some handy tips from them. Major style/beauty/hair envy from just her Instagram…sigh. If you haven’t already, make sure you check her out on: YouTubeInstagramFacebook, Twitter and her Blog.

2. Tyler Oakley

Confession time: I love Tyler’s laugh, its infectious, makes me happy and one of the cutest things ever. Aw. Tyler is a bit different to my other Youtube faves as I watch his for humour whereas the others are more so beauty/hair/style orientated. I love his Q & Slays but I think my favourite one has to be the Chicken Nugget Challenge 2014 video he did with Korey – it just makes me laugh each time. He does loads of collabs on his channel and does a lot outisde of the YouTube world so be sure to check him out on: YouTubeInstagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

3. Zoella

Zoella is one of the most known beauty bloggers/vloggers out there and I only properly got into her videos about 2 years ago I think. Her hair is actually divine, I love the length and the ombre look she’s got. And her relationship with Alfie (PointlessBlog) is adorable along with her other YouTube friendships. I watched her hair videos mainly especially when I have long weaves or braids in so I ‘try’ and copy them…not always successful but hey. Apart from her hair and beauty tutorials, she also does a lot of collab videos – my current favourite being the What’s In My Mouth with Joey Graceffa video – which are always fun to watch. I’m assuming most of you are  already following Zoella on some type of social media but if you aren’t, don’t fret – here are the links: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her Blog.

4. Shirley B. Eniang

I actually only came across Shirley the other day through watching the collab she and Patricia did on both Patricia’s and her own channel. Firstly she is naturally stunning and secondly I LOVE her sense of style, thirdly her banter with Patricia – reasons as to why I subscribed to her channel. I personally love her Lookbooks as I can relate to her both style and her figure so its nice to get some inspiration from her videos. Her most recent one – Workwear Lookbook – is great inspiration for those going on internships/interviews/work/work experience who need to be smart but still want to look stylish. If you haven’t heard of her already, check her out here: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

5. Keira LaShae (Workout Videos)

So fitness wise, I’m definitely a fan of classes specifically dance classes because I feel that’s the most enjoyable way to workout. I struggled to go the gym during my exams so I decided to do some workouts off YouTube in my room, looking a fool but at least I got it done haha! I came across Keira LaShae’s workouts and loved them because they’re so full of energy and you definitely feel the burn – trust me. They’re easy to follow and you can do them in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, on your own time. I really enjoyed doing the Reggae Dancehall workout and the 90s Throwback Hip Hop workout. Have a look at her channel to see some of her workouts on her channels: superherofitnesstv and Keira LaShae.

Okay so these are my favourite Youtube channels at the moment – are you a fan of any of these Youtubers? I always like to see new Youtube vids so if you have any recommendations, do leave them in the comments below!

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Okay so I’m thinking of starting a new series of posts in which I will pick out a select number pieces from high street and/or online shops that I’ve got my eye on. First up, my first love – ASOS!

As many of my friends would know, I could sing ASOS’ praises for years, its my go to whenever I’ve got a big do coming up, need a bit of retail therapy or…just procrastinating. Bottom line is, there’s always a reason for me to go to ASOS. My saved items is never ending so we’ll be here for a while if I went through all of them so I’m just going to share with you my current favourite pieces at the moment.

I’ve provided links underneath the image to all the products shown and/or have a click on the image itself to have a look on my Polyvore page which you can also see here.

asos picks

1. ASOS Pencil Skirt In Sweat With Wrap Detail

My midi and pencil skirt collection seems to grow every time I go shopping, they’re my fave style of skirt and i think the unique wrap detail of this skirt will make a lovely little addition to my wardrobe.

2. ASOS Curve Exclusive Culotte Shorts In Mono Check Print

The monochrome check print grabbed me and I can imagine its one of those pieces that can be nicely dressed down for a sunny day or dressed up into smart casual for a nice meal out for example. Might even be nice paired with black tights and booties in the chillier temperatures – I’m yet to find out!

3. ASOS FOSTER Leather Flat Sandals 

Okay so even though summer is soon coming to an end, I’m still hoping to bag these sandals to have in the bank for spring and summer. I love the thick criss-cross detail they have for the straps; almost like a cross over between the ever faithful gladiator sandal and pool sliders.

4. ASOS Shell Top in Textured Faux Fur

I already loved the cut of the top before I noticed it had a faux fur texture to it, so I’m sold! Its cute, little quirky and the simple dark colours allows it to be paired with almost anything. I’m thinking of throwing it over a midi, high waisted/mom jeans or just some skinnies – either way its bound to look gooood.

5. ASOS Fluffy Crop Jumper

Anyone else getting a Clueless vibe from this jumper or is that just me? Probably just me, but still – its cute! If I was to get this, it’d definitely be worn in the a/w months, maybe with a cute patterned skater skirt, tights and boots combo.

6. ASOS CURVE Duster Coat

 This one I can imagine is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it. I LOVE it – (the price not so much). Even though I’m quite short, I do like a long line oversized coat and I find when pieces like this are paired with more fitted items underneath its a lot more figure flattering. I’d probably add a nice chunky belt around the waist to make it more flattering to my shape and give it that little extra something.

So I now have a sudden urge to add these all to my basket, which is never such a great idea for my bank account! Are you loving anything from ASOS at the moment? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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