Favourite Bloggers & YouTubers of 2015

[images: respective IG pages]

This year I’ve come across some great bloggers and YouTube channels which I thought I would share with you guys – you may even spot your faves or discover someone new to subscribe to!

Jackie Aina

I’ve been subscribed to Jackie’s channel for the longest of time, back when she used “MakeupGameOnPoint”. Jackie brings the fun to the beauty blogging world with her spoof trend videos and chatty/GRWM videos. As a dark skin girl, I love that Jackie creates make-up looks for our skin tone that are achievable and wearable. One of my current videos is a recent GRWM featuring her equally hilarious little sister Folake, take a look below:

Patricia Bright

You can tell Patricia genuinely enjoys what she does, her personality shines through each upload. Her make-up skills and style have improved so much over the years, but I personally love her videos with her husband Mike, her mum and her chatty/Q&A videos. This year, she started a little “Story Time” series, the video below still absolutely cracks me up even just thinking about it:

Shirley Eniang

Everything about Shirley just screams elegance…with a fun twist. Her channel, IG and blog exude a minimalistic style but she knows how to have a laugh, especially with her sister Kezia who is equally as stunning and hilarious. Anytime her pictures pop up on my IG or Facebook, I get major style/figure/makeup envy. One of my favourite uploads of hers this year crosses over beauty and humour, have a look below:

Nadia Aboulhosn

My love for Nadia is ridiculous. If you don’t follow her on snapchat, IG or twitter, fully believe me when I say you’re missing out. Like, I wish I was her best friend (sorry Shevah). Nadia is a plus size model, blogger and designer – her style effortlessly oozes confidence and sass. Her main focus is obviously style and fashion but also known for those impeccable brows. She’s not on YT yet but be sure to check her out at the following: blog, IG, Twitter and Snapchat (nadiaaboulhosn).

Wayne Goss

Obviously makeup artists are not restricted to just females, but there’s something about male makeup artists that I’m just in awe of their skill – I struggle to explain my fascination! Wayne Goss is one of these who I  love, not only for his skills, techniques and tips but also the fact he promotes natural beauty which I am ALWAYS so here for. The comment section is never short of drama and controversy but what i love about his videos is the no faffing around approach he takes – short, sweet, simple and straight to the point with enough detail. I can’t pinpoint a favourite video but here’s one I’ve enjoyed this year:

Desi Perkins

I’ve only just stumbled across Desi’s channel this month actually and I’m so happy I did. She’s so bubbly and knows what’s she’s doing when it comes to makeup. Although she usually does a full face, it still looks “real” and not cakey. I’m so impressed by her cat eye looks that it was a struggle to choose – I’ve gone with one of her more simple yet effective looks:


The talented Chapman sister duo are forever inspiring with their make-up looks and of course, the Real Techniques brushes. Whilst I find myself drawn to Sam’s videos more often, I definitely appreciate Nicola’s celebrity looks she puts together. I admire how they use both high end and drugstore make-up brands and tools to put together such creative and achievable looks. A personal favourite from this year is this Rihanna one Sam did:

Laila Loves

This. Woman’s. Figure. My jaw drops everytime she pops up on IG. I only came across Laila’s blog early this year but I’m so happy I did – her style is everything. Her main posts on her blog and IG revolve around style, travel and fitness and occasionally the odd beauty post. Her photography is stunning, she’s stunning, her clothes are stunning…I could go on. From what I understand, she’s not in the world of YT yet so feel free to join me in endlessly scrolling through her Instagram and blog.

What bloggers and/or YouTubers have you been loving in 2015? Let me know below!

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