Lawson at MTV Live Lockdown

This happened back in April but wasn’t sure if I was allowed to share it as it hadn’t aired yet. But now its on MTV, “Roads” is out and they’ve been on tour….I think I’ve waited long enough to post it now! So, I’ve been a Lawson fan for far too long and always missed any chance to see them perform live because of one reason or the other. So for this to be such an intimate and exclusive show I could actually go to was an incredible opportunity which I thought I’d share with you guys.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the filming of Lawson’s exclusive set for MTV at the Three Mills Studios in East London. It was super last minute that me and my course mate actually decided to go and boy am I glad we did! I got the tickets through SRO Audiences (click here for more info) as recommended by a friend and didn’t think I’d have any luck getting any, then a few days after I applied, BAM got an email saying I got two tickets! SRO Audiences are great for going along to the filming of shows across the country such as The Graham Norton Show, Mock the Week, Chatty Man, 8 out of 10 Cats and more including brand new shows they need audiences for. [Just a quick disclaimer: this post isn’t affiliated with SRO Audiences in any way, I just think they’re pretty good].

The Lawson boys have been away for a while now, mainly writing their new album in Nashville, and us lucky ones at the MTV filming got to hear 3 of their new songs from the album including the new single ‘Roads’ which had only just been announced that day and hadn’t even been played on radio yet! *insert sassy chick emoji here*

Opening with their last single “Juliet” and took it back in the day closing the 5 song set with the classic that is “Standing in the Dark”. Now considering we had waited outside in the absolutely freezing cold for a good part of two hours (don’t even get me started), for there only to be five songs was a tad annoying but the bright side is, they did the set twice, we had an amazing front row view aaaaand, I got a pic with Adam (the drummer) and he gave me Ryan’s (bass player) set list! Also because we had to wait for so long, SRO Audiences gave us all priority tickets for a show of our choice which was kind of them.

As it was for MTV and wasn’t necessarily “live”, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures or recordings during the set (waaaah) but the memory is good enough for me! I did get a few snaps afterwards (and sneaky but blurry as pic during oops) and thought I’d share those with you – even if they are majority Snapchat selfies with Yas haha! Enjoy!

I don’t have the MTV channel anymore so I had to hunt down the show on YouTube to see if I could spot me and Yas and I finally found it! (See if you can spot us in the video- little hint, we were behind the keys and Adam on drums).


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