Summer’s coming along nicely and this usually means everyone’s bringing out new music left, right and centre! I thought in this post I’d share with you the artists I think everyone needs to keep an eye out for in the next coming months, enjoy!


Anyone actually gotten over the JLS split yet? I know its a touchy subject. Their split let them focus on solo projects which brings us to Aston’s debut single as a solo artist. When I saw the ‘teaser’ artwork for his music, I won’t lie, I was slightly apprehensive as you never really know what to expect when boyband members go solo. “Get Stupid” – that’s the songs name – washed all those doubts away. Its very modern day James Brown with that whole electric funk beat going on and Aston’s Motown inspired vocals and lyrics. The video’s fun as well showcasing Aston’s fab dancing skills whilst encouraging everyone to just enjoy themselves and not be hung up on a bad day. If the rest of his upcoming album is anything like this, I’m on board! (Get Stupid released on July 17)


Although he was featured on the popular Calvin Harris track “Blame” last year, John Newman has been somewhat under the radar as a solo artists since the release of his debut album two years ago. His new single “Come and Get It” features those gritty soulful vocals of his everyone knows and loves from the likes of Rudimental’s “Not Giving In” over the top of a punchy trumpet (or sax) heavy beat. The guitar element actually gives it a somewhat indie-pop vibe as its very similar to the likes of The 1975 and Vampire Weekend, but John’s vocals give it that soulful kick that makes this song a winner. The single’s out on July 17 and is taken from his upcoming second album to follow his chart topper debut album.


Can I just say I think I’m in love with this guy? Not only his voice but his style…perfection. Not so much the beard though. And those teeth. Swoon. Okay onto the music, I stumbled across him when I was listening to my boo Janelle Monae’s new song Yoga in which Jidenna features (had this on repeat). Forever looking dapper, his flow is just as slick. The Wisconsin born singer released the single “Classic Man” in promotion of Wondaland Records (Janelle’s label to which she signed Jidenna) this year. The video is just as slick as the man himself and everyone’s style is on point (peep the ankara homage on the lapels as well). My personal fave of his is his Vevo DSCVR performance of Long Live The Chief, which I beg you to watch pronto, my mind is blown. Expect big things from this guy.


I actually stumbled across Sinead Harnett a little while back from “No Other Way (N.O.W) and her feature on the Disclosure track “Boiling” but didn’t put two and two together when I heard her latest track “She Ain’t Me”. Often compared looks wise to Jessie J, her tone is very similar but somewhat more experimental and contemporary soul would be a better way to describe Sinead’s music. “She Ain’t Me” is a great fusion of electro and drum beats with a hard hitting beat full of attitude; perfect reflection of the song itself. I look forward to seeing what else Sinead has to offer solo but for now, this’ll do nicely. Due for release June 7.

And that’s it from me; feel free to let me know what you thought of these artists! What are you listening to at the moment? Any recommendations? Give us a tweet (@estsince94) or simply comment below!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Until next time,



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