Lip Combo #2: “Barely There” – Nude

So as I mentioned at the end of the last Lip Combo post (have a lil’ refresher here), I had another lip combination I wanted to share with you guys, and as promised, here’s The Nude!

I’m one for either statement lips or statement eyes, never both. Which means I’ve been on the hunt for a nude lip colour to wear when I want to focus on my eye make up or for a more put together daytime look. Easy, right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. I’m sure many know the struggle immediately finding the perfect nude that suits the different undertones in your skin. Being dark skin as well, I find it super hard to find a “nude” that isn’t ashy or looking like I’ve smeared foundation on my lips (sorry to make you flashback to that year 8-10 phase. You know the one…). After watching YouTube videos and my own experimentation, I’ve noticed a common resolution to finding that nude colour for you, is very rarely in one sole lip product but more so a few. Hence how this lip combination was born!

[As I’ve been putting this post together, I’ve just clocked that my eye is watering in most of the pics – I was so ill when I re-shot these pictures, hence the rough skin, I’m just happy there are actually pictures where I’m not mid sneeze]


I used two different lipsticks and two different lip liners – all from the drugstore/high-street. For the base, I followed the natural line of my lips with 2true Easyglide Kohl Pencil in Dark Brown and softly blended this out towards the centre of my lips. To actually fill in my lips, Kiko Milano’s Precision Lip Pencil in Coffee Brown, again blending in the previous darker brown.

It could be left at this stage, but I wanted add a pinky hue to almost mimic my actual lip colour just evened out. So I lightly went over with MUA’s Matte Lipstick in Totally Nude in the centre of my lips before going all over my lips with H&M’s Lipstick in the shade “B for Boss”. This gives quite a shiny finish which I actually don’t mind too much on a nude but you probably know by now that I prefer matter finishes. So I lightly blot with a tissue and if needs be, lightly reapply the darker brown liner on the outer corners to blend in and complete the look. Here’s a close up of the finished lip look:


Products used (From L-R):

H&M Lipstick in “B for Boss” (£3.99)products

MUA Matte Lipstick in “Totally Nude” (£1.00)

Kiko Milano Precision Lip Pencil in “Coffee Brown” (£4.20)

2true Easyglide Kohl Liner in Dark Brown (£1.99)

And that is my nude lip combo! In an ideal world, I would just pick a lipstick that is actually a nude for me but until then, this works well and doesn’t take long even though it may sound like a faff! Its worth noting that although this nude would work best on those with my skin tone, I think it could work for those who are a bit lighter as a 90s nude (that deeper brown) if you’re feeling daring – let me know if you do!

Thanks again for reading, and the final lip combo is a personal favourite of mine, that I actually wear a lot all year round. Be sure to follow me on here (or via email)/ BloglovinTwitter/Instagram for updates and upcoming posts!

Until next time,





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