“I Can Explain…”: Overdue Apologies

If you haven’t guessed from the title this is all about how super sorry I am, something I think I say far too often on here.

Between looking for a placement, going for interviews, being ill, doing and revising for exams, there legit has been no time for me to blog – sometimes because I’m just shattered. Mainly because, although I have post drafts up to my ears that could easily be scheduled, I personally aren’t always 100% happy to just post a half arsed post for the sake of regular posting and would much rather take my time (far too long in most cases) and do a post that is I am more than satisfied with.

I’m definitely an “in the moment” kind of person with blogging and don’t feel I’m being somewhat “honest” if I just post because “it looks bad if I don’t “. I commend those who’ve got a job/uni/kids and whatever else and still have time to blog so regularly that I’m blown away but everyone is different, I’ve come to terms with that fact as well. I also want to say thank you, for the fact that my posts are so irregular yet I still have an increase in interaction across the board which makes me super happy that you’ve not deserted me just yet haha! I know full well I need to knuckle down and focus on uni and me for the next month, but if you do hear from me, it’s likely the posts will be scheduled but hey at least you’ll know I’m still around!

In the mist of uni work and life, I’ve been working on stuff for my blog offline which you will hear about soon – that is actually true. I’m also thinking of holding a little giveaway as a thank you for sticking with me (so emosh) but I’m struggling with so many options do any suggestions of what you might want, do let me know!

Hopefully this kinda post isn’t a regular occurrence in the future but at least for now you guys have an idea of what’s going on with moi.

Thanks again for the support, really does mean a lot!

Until next time,




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