MUSIC // “Spotify Wishlist”

You know when you hear a new song and you’re listening to it on repeat on YouTube while you’re at home, desperately waiting for the release date which is usually like an annoying three months away. Which means its not on Spotify for an absolute age and you’re using all your mobile data up trying to get your daily listen while YouTube takes it sweet time to decide whether or not it wants to buffer for a good hour or so. Anyone else know this struggle?

I’ve noticed I’ve not a music post on here in way too long – my apologies. So in this post, I thought I’d share with you guys a mix of new releases I’ve currently got on repeat and eagerly waiting to save to my music on Spotify. Enjoy!


So first up we have the comeback single from the Lawson boys. They’ve been away for about a year now, writing away in Nashville and are due to release their album later this year around summertime. Before that though, we have been blessed with “Roads” – which I was lucky enough to hear live last Tuesday (I’m planning on sharing a post about it all in the very near future so stay tuned!). You can definitely hear the Nashville influence in the melody, and I’d like to think its a nice fusion of Train and One Republic with Lawson’s stamp on it. Since hearing it live, they’ve put up the lyric video and can’t wait for the music video and of course the official single release which is due to be in early May; just in time for summer! [Pre order here]


I actually clicked on this by accident when I was watching a different video on YouTube, a happy accident at that, this is fast becoming my new jam. I was loving Ciara back in the “Goodies” and “1,2 Step” days and this song brings it back to that old school R&B vibe she has; I can imagine this is the vibe she’s going back to on her 6th album Jackie. “I Bet” has been speculated to be based on Ciara and Future’s breakup which isn’t unexpected and all I’ll say is good on her! The video as well, is visual stunning – very simple, elegant but modern ballerina-esqe and shows off her incredible post baby body and those amazing CiCi dance skills. So many people (ballerinas) criticised the fact she was wearing pointe shoes incorrectly – I don’t see how it should affect anyone so personally considering she’s barley seen in them but you know, each to their own. Its been out in US on iTunes and Spotify and its unknown whether its actually due to be released anytime soon in UK. Sigh. [Download (US) here]


This is the newest of the lot with M.O only premièring the video and the track just last night. Due to be released in just over a month,there shouldn’t be too much of a wait for i to be on Spotify. The all girl trio never fail to impress me with their fresh yet genuine 90s style reflected in both their music and their fashion sense. The music video is understated and I think shot in a school, but it works well – the choreography is minimal, the outfits are slick and their makeup looks flawless. With each single the girls release, I hope that will be their big hit and this could be it – its rare you find a modern girl group paying such homage to 90s but having their own style. [Pre order here]


I love the summer vibes this gives me; that beat + those vocals (Alex Newell) = HOT. I’m seeing Annie Mac next Friday where Blonde will be supporting so hopefully they’ll drop this one, best believe I’ll be jammin’. The video came out only five days ago and I’ve not watched it – to be fair when it comes to house tracks, I don’t tend to watch them usually because I can’t really make a lot of sense of them and I start to hate the track if I hate the video. I may give this one a go since I liked the song before the video came out (how indie do I wanna sound hahaha), but for now, I’m loving this and will definitely be on my getting ready playlist when I can finally enjoy it on Spotify. [Pre order here]

Are there any new tracks in particular you’re loving at the moment? Feel free to let me know in the comments, I love finding new music! I’ve missed writing music posts on here so definitely keep an eye out for a few more to come – you can follow me on Bloglovin, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with any upcoming posts!

Until next time,




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