BEAUTY // REVIEW: Illamasqua Powder Foundation (Shade 330)

Illamasqua was one of those brands that I admired from far as I could never bring myself to splurge. However, when I saw they had a sale with items up to 70% off, I caved and had a rummage through the website to come across their powder foundation that was reduced from £26.00 to *drum roll* £7.80!! Yes, £7.80 – CRAY. And to top it all off, it was shade 330 (the darkest shade) was the shade that was discounted and the colour looked as if it would work with my skin tone. So I bought it and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it in this post.

It arrived within the week I ordered it which was very impressive and was nicely presented too. The foundation itself is in a black compact case with a mirror and the actual foundation. As I said, the shade I ordered was the darkest shade (330) and on the website it looked as if I might be able to use it for a soft contour. The colour was a lot lighter than I imagined but this wasn’t a bad thing as it was a pretty much spot match for my skin tone.


In foundations in general, I look for something with around a medium coverage and evens out the darker areas on face – primarily upper lip and under my eyes – as well as not looking cakey or drying on my face throughout the day and still looking natural. (High expectations haha!) As someone who swears by liquid foundations and liquid foundations only, I can say this powder has converted me completely and I’ve not stopped using it. I’ve been using it as a base for my makeup and then concealing after if needs be – which with this powder is very rare unless I’m another level drained.

Here’s what the powder looks like on me (I tried to use my actual camera for this instead of my phone but weirdly and annoyingly enough the phone quality was better at showing what it actually looks like):


I had only moisturised my face and sorted my brows before applying the powder. This was applied by gently swishing my kabuki brush into the powder and buffing in the powder onto my face in circular motions. I’ve found actual powder brushes worked but the finish was as smooth and natural looking as it was with a kabuki. There’s powder puff that came with the foundation which I haven’t tried yet as I’m not a fan of powder puffs in general but I can only assume it would come in handy for on the go touch ups on a night out! For everyday use in a rush, I may use a powder brush to sweep over my darker areas as I’ve found that works well too but kabuki is my go to recommendation for this powder.

I’d say this powder is a light to medium coverage as you can see it in the pictures above it did even out my skin tone but still has a natural/sheer finish so its not heavy and cakey at all if you use it sparingly – so start small and build it up. I’m awful with touching my face throughout the day and I’ve found that it does transfer – probably just down to fact I’ve touched my face haha! Whenever I use this powder, pre moisturising is a must as I do feel it can make my face quite dull without as due it being a powder its not got that dewy finish. I’ve found lightly spraying my brush with a setting spray as well as moisturising before applying gets a natural dewy look that’s not greasy looking!

SO to sum up, I’m fully loving this product and super happy I manage to snap it up at such a good price! This shade is brill for my fellow dark skin girls who have neutral/warm undertones. I’d say those with olive skin tones could even use this for contouring or bronzer perhaps? They have so many shades from the palest of pale to medium/dark skin which you can find and buy here on the Illamasqua site for normal price of £26.00.

Have any of you got this powder foundation or any other Illamasqua products? I’m a new fan of the brand so I’d love to hear you guys’ recommendations so feel free to comment them below or tweet me (@estsince94)!

Until next time,



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