LIFESTYLE// Thankful for 2014, hopeful for 2015

Its super weird thinking that its the end of 2014 today, literally feels like about a month or so ago we were all ringing in the new year! Time really does fly by! With this post, I fancy a little bit of a ramble if I’m honest, bit of a reflection, ’cause if NYE isn’t a time to get all deep, rambly and reflective, when is it!?

So new years resolutions: almost everyone seems to attempt to make one up and almost without fail…well they fail to do so. Me personally, I’ve not been big on doing new years resolutions or at least saying them out loud purely because I don’t often stand by it or the usual being it lasts for about a month (day) or two and it all goes out the window.

With this being said, 2014 was the cliché rollercoaster for me with a lot of loop-di-loops (how do you even spell loop-di-loop!?) and I’m actually nothing but thankful for the fact I’ve been through it all and I’m alive and well to see in 2015 (and many more years in the future we pray!). Me and my family like to do this thing where we write or say what we’re thankful for this year and what we hope to see happen/do in the year to come. So I’m gonna do just that!

In 2014, I’m thankful for…

My incredible family and friends who have done nothing but support me throughout this year. There is no doubt that I have had a lot personal battles to face throughout the year and as cliché as this sounds, I literally do not know what i would have done without them. I’ve been so blessed to have made amazing friends at uni that its so weird to think that just over a year ago, i didn’t know of their existence and now I can’t imagine not seeing any of them! And of course all my friends at home who I miss so much when we’re all away but love seeing their faces when we all come back in the holidays. This year has made me appreciate just how much my family do for me and how amazing they really are, I refuse to ever take that for granted ever again. I’m also thankful the amazing opportunities I’ve been so fortunate to experience such as interning at Boots HQ! I never would’ve believed I’d have actually done something like this back in 2013 and it’s opened so many doors that I’m so happy I did it.

I hope to in 2015….

My friends at home are literally all spread out all over the country ’cause of uni so it does make it a lil’ pricey and super long but I’m gonna try anyhow! I’ve already started making plans for a few day visits to see some old friends which is always exciting. In fact I’m gonna include keeping in contact in this one as well!
I started doing this more anyway but I don’t see any harm in showing even more love! Not even like spending absolutely cray amounts but just the little things, you know?
This is where I strongly reiterate the fact these aren’t carved into stone resolutions hahaha! No in all seriousness, I do want to blog more but in the reality of it, I’m not a “strict 3 time a week” blogger because it just doesn’t work for me. Instead, I want to say that I’m going to try harder to blog more than once a month even in my busy uni times. And if that doesn’t happen? The world will carry on *insert sassy emoji here*
I. Need. To. Go. Abroad. Like ASAP! Even if its just for a few days, I’m good with that. Gimme a bit of sun, nice scenery and a beach= good to go! Me and some friends have been talking about going away next year so let’s hope it actually happens. I’d love to visit Brussels, Barcelona, Sicily, Paris and Miami at some point soon!
As some of may know, I’m in my 2nd year of uni now which means I’ve had the ever so thrilling job of non-stop applying for placement years. I hope and pray that I find one soon. I want to finally have a better answer than “I have no idea” for the constant question of “where are you living next year?”.
This doesn’t mean I’m suddenly gonna live at the gym (secret: I very almost wrote Jim instead of gym…lord have mercy) and eat all things green and watery. More so that if I lose weight, I attempt to keep that weight off and not let uni stress take over in the form of Co-Op cookies and Lucozade calling my name.
In some shape or form, I have to go to LFW in 2015; something always gets in my way every time and I refuse to let that happen this time round. Other than that, concerts and festivals this year I feel are a must more because I want to have as much fun as poss before I leave uni life for a year and why not do that with good music?


“My aspiration in life…would be…to be happy”. Lil Bey quote there for you to round things off! As cheesy as this is, I hope in 2015 i’m happy.

What are you thankful for in 2014 and what are aiming for in 2015?

God bless you all; Thanks for being a fab part of my 2014 and I hope to see you all (and more) in 2015 and in advance…


Until next time,




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