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Like most people, I despise having dry skin. And whilst winter is one of my favourite seasons, my already dry skin suffers to the extreme due to it being so cold. I started to realise that my day creams weren’t enough to ensure that My skin wasn’t drying out as soon as the cold winds smacked it in the face. In this post, I’m gonna share with you how I keep my skin moisturised and baby soft throughout the cold months! Hope you enjoy!

I saw a massive improvement when I started to do my full skin care routine at least twice a week. The full routine includes exfoliating/ cleansing and moisturing. I use a face scrub in the shower and then when I’m dressed and brushing my teeth, I’ll put on my moisturiser so it has some time to absorb in a little and my face isn’t too oily when I want to put any make up on. Letting your moisturiser(s) absorb into the skin just for a little while I feel just locks it all in and lets its settle beyond just the surface of your face.


How rebellious(!). Before I interned at Boots HQ, I’d never really thought properly about the effectiveness of having a separate cream for day and night time. If you want to read up on the differences and benefits of having a day and night cream, I recommend this article. I realised as someone with dry skin – and an ezcesma sufferer – that my skin needs that extra moisture and nourishment in the day than a day cream can provide. Therefore I started using my night cream every so often in the day time for that bit of oomph shall we say. I usually use it (in a smaller amount than at night) on days where I’m not wearing makeup or lazy days for instance as the cream can be quite heavy and appear quite greasy. If its looking too greasy I may put the lightest layer of powder on to remove some of the shine.

My fave moisturiser frequently switches between Vaseline and cocoa butter so I usually have a little Vaseline pot in my handbag and/or my Vaseline cocoa butter lip balm tin; slight Vaseline obsession if you haven’t guessed already! I often find my lips get stupidly dry no matter how many times I’ve slapped on some lip balm just under an hour before so now I just carry them with me everywhere. Better safe than sorry – the grey chapped lip look is never hot.


The cold harshness of the winter winds often leave our skin quite parched and can look quite dull as a result. The skin is mainly affected by the external elements which is why consistency in moisturising is key but drinking plenty of water helps internally as well as externally. Keep these hydration levels up to avoid that uncomfortable dryness and encourage supple skin all year round!


I know I know, its sounds ridiculous considering that’s all you want when you wake up feeling like you’re in the North Pole. But it’s been found that soaring hot showers actually dry out your skin by stripping away all the moisture you’ve worked so hard to maintain in your skincare routine! I’ve actually noticed that the times I need extra moisture is on the day I’ve had a hot shower. I’m not saying do an Ice Bucket Challenge for a shower every day but instead just opt for a warm/medium shower. It’ll save your skin from drying out and also cut down your heating/water bills – it’s a win/win situation! (Sneaky trick: if you’re feeling brave and want extra skin brownie points…before you get out the shower, turn the temperature down to cold and have a 30 second max rinse. The cold water can help to firm up the skin and boost your blood circulation!)

I keep to these things and my skin stays super soft and fresh through this frosty season so I hope this is helpful – especially for those with dry skin (I feel your pain!). Do you have any other handy tips or tricks to protect your skin in the winter months? I’d love to have a read of them all!

[I was contemplating doing a full skin care routine post including the products that I currently use which is why I didn’t go into too much detail on this one. Do let me know if you’d like me to do this in the comments below or just give us a tweet and I’ll get onto it!]

*** Super super super sorry about the blog silence for this month, 2nd year of uni got intense super quick! Please bear with me with posting but a big thank you for still continuing to read and follow! Your support is so fab and I can’t thank you enough!****

Hope you enjoyed this post and it was somewhat helpful,(and apologies again for not posting very regularly)!

Until next time,



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