Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award: Answers & Nominations


So I was recently nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by the ever so lovely Shannon – thank you so much, its so nice to know you enjoy reading my blog as I’ve loved reading yours as well! I’ve actually known Shannon since I was quite young from back home and I love reading all her posts to see how she’s getting on (not in a creepy way, promise haha!). Make sure you go check out her blog: Shannon Stacey!

I haven’t seen this one around as much as the other tags but I think its such a nice idea to bring bloggers closer together, especially as there are so many! The rules of this tag are pretty simple:

1. Put the award logo on your blog

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog

3. Answer the questions they set you

4. Set 10 questions for your nominees to answer

5. Nominate 10 bloggers to do the same!

I start off by answering the 10 questions Shannon’s set me to answer and then I’ll share then 10 questions I’ve set for the people I’ve nominated to answer! Let’s goooo!

1. Do you have any tattoos?
I don’t, but maybe one day I’d like to get one someday if I ever get over my phobia of needles!
2. UV Gel nail varnish or acrylics?
I’ve not actually tried either yet! I’m not a big fan of false nails in general so I’m gonna go with UV Gel nail varnish – I’ve been meaning to try it for some time now!
3. What is your favourite TV programme at the moment?
Thanks to my housemates, I’m now fully addicted to Gossip Girl. In terms of telly shows that are on at the moment, it’d have to be The Mindy Project or Made In Chelsea.
4. Which three people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?
Beyoncé, Miranda Hart…I’m stuck between Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman and Gok Wan for the third! Ermmm…..going with Nelson Mandela.
5. Your favourite perfume?
I think it’ll be Beyoncé Heat (1st one) or Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door.
6. Which celebrity are you currently lusting after?
Its gotta be Romeo Miller. Has been for a while..Lord have mercy.
7. Do you prefer boy bands or girlbands?
Oooh this is a good one! I’m gonna go with girlbands – I loved NSync and Backstreet Boys but I was definitely a Destiny’s Child, Sugababes, TLC, En Vogue, Spice Girls kinda girl when I was younger (tbh I still am – no shame haha!)
8. Describe yourself in three words?
This is a lot harder than it sounds ahaha! I’m going with caring, happy and ambitious!
9. Your worst bad habit?
I’m really picky with my food – if I don’t like the smell of it, I don’t eat it, end of! Also being very indecisive if you couldn’t already tell ahaha!
10. One beauty product you couldn’t live without?
Vaseline is an absolute God send, I swear. So Vaseline or maybe Cocoa butter (the palmer’s one)
So now the 10 bloggers I nominate are:
 and my 10 questions to you guys are:
1. What do you consider to be your best feature?
2. Favourite artist/band at the moment?
3. Who do you secretly (or not so secretly) “stan” or “fangirl” for?
4. Best beauty buy of the year so far?
5. What’s your go-to lip colour?
6. What was the last film you watched?
7. Heels or flats?
8. Why did you start blogging?
9. Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, who – do tell!
10. Describe your style in four words.
I’d love to read your answers to the questions I’ve set so feel free to tweet me the link to your post when you’ve done them!
Thanks again to Shannon for nominating me, its so much fun doing tag posts like these and hopefully you guys reading enjoyed getting to know me a bit better as well!
Until next time,

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