Liebster Award: Answers & Nominations

Liebster award!


So I was kindly nominated twice by the lovely bloggers that are The Escapologist’s Daughter (Fiona) and Liv – as a newbie to the blogging world this for sure made me smile so thank you again lovelies for the noms. Super sorry its taken me FOREVER to actually answer them – if you’ve read my last post will understand why its taken so long. Pre-warning, this is gonna be a long post as I’ll be answering both girls set of questions but hopefully my answers make your stay worthwhile!

I’m gonna get to it and start off by answering Fiona’s questions, so let’s gooo:

1. Describe your blog, in only three words.

Oooh erm, Personal, Fun and chatty? Do they even make sense? I’m just gonna go with it regardless..

2. If you could take anyone, alive or dead, for a pint, who would you pick?

Beyoncé. I wouldn’t be able to drink because I’d be too busy with my mouth open or passed out because you know…Beyoncé. But yeah defo Bey, any excuse to meet Queen.

3. What has been your greatest beauty discovery?

I was gonna say Vaseline because I’ve sworn by the stuff since birth but now I think about it the £1 MUA lipsticks are up there I think. I only own 3 of them at present but I’ve worn them all at some point and they’re perf for so many different occasions. And obvs being a £1 – madness!?

4. Tell me the story of your first kiss.

*cue awkward cough* NEXT.

5. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh my gosh this is so hard for me because I don’t have a favourite food…ahhhh! ermmm, probably chicken flavour instant noodles with chilli or toasted chicken and bacon bagel.

6. What has been the most important thing that’s happened to you?

Oooh this is kinda deep! I actually don’t know, there are tonnes of things that have been very significant in my life. I wouldn’t say this is the most important, its one of them but getting my provisional licence was a big deal for me – there was a lot of debate as to whether I would actually be able to or not ’cause of past health issues but I got the a-okay aaand I still can’t drive (yet) but hey at least I can learn if I wanted to haha!

7. How likely are you to go double or nothing on a bet?

I’d like to think I would but I’d say unlikely especially if its a lot of money as I’ve never been one to win stuff (yet – never say never!). I’d take the money and be on my way!

8. What was the first concert you ever went to?

I was just talking about this with my housemates today! I think it may have been the S Club & S Club Juniors Carnival Tour back in the noughties days – I was fully loving my life, still got my tour merch as well ahaha! S Club fan foreverrrr (still not so lowkey upset about them breaking up)

9. What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve ever done?

Oh wow erm off the top of my head, I’d say last minute nights out to the point where there are minutes to spare before last entry (absolute mare getting ready, the stress) – but they always end up being some of the best ones I think!

10. What do you hope for most?

*full out Pretty Hurts style* “My aspiration in life? Would be, to be happy.” No but seriously just to be happy and content with my career choices, friends, family and be living my life. I genuinely just hope to be happy in whatever I’m doing. (cheesy but true)

And now for Liv’s questions:

1. What is your favourite holiday destination?

Probs Spain because I’ve been soo many times, I love the beaches, churros and the night time weather – you know like when its still late and there’s still that nice warm sea breeze when you’re off for dinner? Perfection.

2. What do you like to bake or cook the most?

I love baking fridge cake (melted chocolate with crushed biscuit/malteesers and then put it in the fridge) but cooking I’m gonna have to say marinated chicken fillets with spicy rice (or pasta YUM) and mixed veg –  a homemade Nandos basically!

3. Do you have any really bad habits? 

I stand really awkwardly in that one foot can be underneath me and the other miles (slight exaggeration) away and I end up accidentally tripping people up – usually my mum…sorry mum. I also have weird things with food, I have to smell EVERYTHING I eat or drink and if I don’t like the smell, its a no no – apparently I inherited from my dad. I have to touch my food on the insides of my wrists when I’m eating – to this day I have no clue, but I think I’ve caught my brother doing it too. Full on family affair with bad habits haha!

4. What is your favourite high street store at the moment? 

H&M is currently my Beyoncé of the high street (if you didn’t already know this a very good thing). Its fully dangerous for me to go in there by myself when I have any kind of money. The usual issue I have is within about 5 minutes of walking in, I have at least 5 things in my hand and still hunting for more.

5. What is your favourite online store at the moment?

I’m gonna have to go with (sorry ASOS I still love you) considering my basket is getting close to that £200 mark (I’m not going to press buy don’t panic). I’ve been recently converted to boohoo early this year and I’m impressed.

6. Which season do you prefer?

I’m forever undecided about this! I may go with winter because its colder, my birthday and Christmas and I love big coats and scarves!

7. What possession could you not live without? 

This is a tricky one! Probably my iPod because most things I care about are on there: my music, bible, photos, Beyoncé….Yeah I’ll go with iPod.

8. What are your pet hates?

I have too many haha! To name a few: people eating and talking with their mouth wide open, people with no manners, hypocrites/try hards, people zigzagging in front of me when walking, sandals and socks…many more but lets not go into too much!

9. Do you have a quote or mantra of which you live by? 

“Do what makes you happy, be who with makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live”. This is why I have so many pillows and bedroom pieces with “Laugh, Live, Love” on them.

10. Do you believe in fate?

I believe everything happens for a reason – both the good and the bad, there’s a reason and probably something even better to follow in the future.

11. What is your favourite thing to drink? 

Genuinely I do love drinking water (dentist’s daughter alert hahaha!) but otherwise I’d struggle to decide between Lilt, Ginger Beer or Orange Fanta. Defo a milky tea drinker on a cold day. On a night out, vodka and lemonade (with lime if I’m feeling fancy haha)

And we are DONE. Thank you again girls for the questions, I had so much fun answering them!

I now nominate this lovely bunch:

Shannon StaceySib and The CityC’est La VievePaisley May SaysLibby Ford

to answer the following questions:

1. Where are you from?

2. What’s you dream job/career?

3. Any fears or phobias?

4. Do you prefer drugstore or premium/high end beauty buys?

5. What’s the best bargain you’ve manage to bag?

6. Who or what inspires your style?

7. Chunky statement accessories or minimalist dainty pieces?

8. Do you prefer online shopping or going instore?

9. What beauty or style trend do you want to try out?

10. Countryside or city life?

And we are finally DONE. If you’ve made it this far on, just clap for yourself right now, you’ve done well to make it! I hope you enjoyed having a read of my answers, it was so fun answering them and I look forward to seeing the nominated bloggers’ answers!

Have you been nominated for a Liebster Award? I’d love to have a read of everyone’s different answers and questions so feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading!

Until next time,



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