HOW TO: 8 Tips on Promoting Your Blog


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I’m fairly new still so I’m still learning about the best ways to get my blog out there. Whilst followers, likes and comments aren’t the defining be all and end all of your blog, it is comforting to know someone is reading your posts! During my blogging life so far, I’ve found some little things that have helped to promote my blog and I thought I would share these with you. Hope this helps in someway, enjoy!

1. Linking to social media – so your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Polyvore you name it, you link it! There are many who don’t link to all and that works for them. As a new blogger, its good to remember that no one will necessarily know about your blog until you tell them about it. I shared my first link on Facebook and (first) Twitter and got around 45 views in under an hour – not much to some but as a newbie its a big deal! With the likes of Instagram, Polyvore and other image based SMS, I’ve found posting a picture from/related to your post and leaving a link in the description or bio is a handy way to get people reading. This leads me to my next point….

2. Tagging – tag, tag, tag, tag, tag and tag some more. This is where its acceptable to have a separate paragraph of an IG comment full of random tags (don’t pretend you don’t know!). Obviously trying to keep it relevant is key e.g. for a beauty post: #beauty #bblogger #beautyblog #blogger #makeup #cosmstics #lipstick #eyeshadow #mua – you get the picture. Its worthwhile tagging/mentioning (@ usernames) any brands you’ve used – they may then share it to their larger following which prompts more viewers (might even thank you for your post and open up collab opportunities). Could also slip in the popular tags like #instagood or for a music post #np (now playing).

3. Asking friends and family to share – I realised that when I shared my post links on Facebook, friends and family would be the ones reading. There are days where I get the most hits just from people on Facebook which is reassuring to know they’re friends and fam supporting you. I got the best texts from friends and family just sending encouraging words which is a massive boost. I found as well that they’re the ones more than willing to help share my links than anyone as they only want to see you succeed don’t they! Friends and family are one of the top ways to get your blog out there (and its free too – bonus!)

4. Create a Twitter account for your blog– If you don’t have a twitter account for your blog, I’d highly recommend it. This doesn’t mean you can’t promote on your “personal” which you probably have more followers on. It just means you’re not spamming everyone with blog promo on your personal and it’s a little more “professional”. I use this account to participate in blog chats and contacting companies, etc. I promote more on my blog account but every so often drop a link or two on my personal and my blog traffic has increased! Also making use of pages that will RT your posts for free e.g @/blogginggals – one I use often.

5. Joining blog chats
– whether you’re a beauty, lifestyle, fashion, style, travel, food blogger or any other type, there’s likely to be a blogger chat somewhere. These are where bloggers like you can talk to each other, answer the host’s questions and promote your blog – they usually take place on twitter. Bloggers support other bloggers and its great on getting tips to improve your blog, post/layout ideas as well as the comfort that there are other people like you which is always nice! I usually share my links and ask for other people’s towards the end of the chat – a great way to get your blog out there to likeminded people (and their following), find new blogs and also getting some feedback and tips!

6. Catchy but SEO friendly titles – SEO is search engine optimisation which is a way of gaining high visibility of your blog (or whatever you’re promoting) to others through the use of popular search words…if that makes sense. So for instance for a Beyoncé post, I simply titled it ‘Beyoncé x Nicki Minaj =Flawless. Literally‘. Its to the point and i knew the following 1) Beyoncé is a popular searched topic so making sure her name is in there was key. 2) the flawless remix was searched millions of times for a while so it was key to make sure ‘flawless’ ‘Beyoncé’ and ‘nicki minaj’ were in the title. These made my post easily searchable even for months later.

7. Commenting on other blogs – not only are you making the blogger happy by leaving a comment but a lot of people will see your link and most likely click on it – great exposure. This doesn’t mean comment on every single post you see with meaningless comments, more so comment on posts you’ve actually read and have something interesting/encouraging to say. A really good way to include your link in comments without looking messy is html – a great tip I learnt from a post over on Lizzie’s Corner. Since I’ve been using it, more readers come from them clicking on my comment link, especially from the well known “bigger” blogs.

8. Analyse your blog stats – I don’t mean whip out the calculator and do crazy equations and what not. Looking at the breakdown of your stats will help you work out what type of post works best, timing of posts, what social media to use more, amongst other useful tips for future reference. I found that scheduling or posting at around afternoon/lunchtime got more initial views as it was a peak time and I could build on this by sharing links throughout the rest of the day. I also noticed when I use galleries in my posts, they’re some of the most viewed on my blog.

As I said I’m still learning myself about promoting my blog so I’m by no means a pro, just thought it’d be nice to share what I’ve learnt so far. Its worth saying that every blog is different and some promotional methods will work for some that wouldn’t work for others.

Have you got any tips and tricks for promoting your blog? Feel free to share them in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Final note: Viewers, followers, likes, shares and comments don’t define the success of your blog – you do. Just make sure you write content you enjoy and all the above will slowly but surely follow! Happy blogging!

Until next time,



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  1. Great tips! 🙂 Effective tagging here on wordpress is definitely one of the best ways to get readers!!

    I’m curious about the blog chats idea – I’ve never joined one and only seem to find out about them after they’ve happened lol Any idea to help me be more up to date on this? 😀 If can help, thanks!

    Lovely blog btw 🙂 Just followed you xox


    1. Thank you! I agree – that’s how I come across so many different blogs! I was the same tbh, only recently started getting involved in blog chats last month from seeing an #lbloggers tag! You can join in with so many – some specifically have a page dedicated to the chats and let you know times and days! I know the Lbloggers one is simply ‘lbloggerschat’ and all the info is on there; another one is ‘fashbeautylife’ which promotes and hosts the fbl chat on tuesdays! Hopefully that helps!
      Aw thank you lovely – means a lot! xxx


  2. This was really useful, thank you Esther! I have been meaning to set up a separate Twitter for my blog for some time now, I’m going to crack on and do it straight away now after reading this! Thank you for following me on bloglovin’ 🙂 I’m holding a giveaway over on my blog at:

    where you can win some lovely little girly goodies if you’re interested 🙂 x


  3. This is so helpful! I opened social media accounts for my blog and starting hashtagging with no shame haha – it really helps people discovering you. I really love your blog by the way, your posts are all so beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I can’t wait to read more from you ❤


    1. Ah thank you, I’m glad you found it helpful! I agree-when I hash-tagged more, my views and clicks definitely went up!
      Aw thank you lovely, that’s so sweet of you! I’ve followed back as well – your photography is so so good! X


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