“Sweater Weather” // A/W Style & Beauty Picks


I think its safe to say that Autumn has officially arrived which means Winter is just around the corner and couldn’t be happier about this if I tried! And not just because Winter means my birthday and Christmas but because A/W means wrapping up and layering up. To be completely honest, I find it so much easier and much more fun to dress for the cold than the summer. I started looking for coats in Spring and have been finding every opportunity to wear a jumper – eager I know. I thought i’d put this post together showing you some of my picks for the chillier months! I’ve split them into Clothes, Shoes & Accessories and Beauty & Skincare. Click on the images/sets to see full details of each product and where to buy them over on my Polyvore.



I think these picks would make good base pieces for a comfy layered up a/w look. I like to wear dark and neutral colours as a base for my a/w outfits and usually add colour in my make up and/or accessories. Its always good to have some sort of print I think whatever season – tartan, checks and stripes are always a good choice in my opinion!

Shoes & Accessories 


Even though I said I add colour in accessories, these picks are dark – oops (there’s still some dark colour so I can get away with  it…right?). For shoes in a/w, I gravitate towards black boots and my trusty old chocolate worker boots (yep they’re still going strong). This year though, I’m wanting to incorporate flats other than my ballet pumps into my everyday a/w wardrobe more and I think monk shoes and brogues are the way forward. Big, bold statement jewelry is a good way to jazz up a neutral outfit. The houndstooth cover up I’ve picked here could easily double up to be a light jacket or a chunky scarf, either way its bound to look good!

Beauty & Skincare


Make up and/or accessories are probably the statement pieces for my a/w looks. One of my favourite things about a/w is that you can get away with wearing the darkest shades hence why I’ve gone a bit cray with the plum and brown in these beauty picks. You may notice I’ve included Revlon’s Black Cherry from a previous beauty wishlist – I’m obsessed, its most definitely a must have for me this season due to the colour and the moisture it gives the lips. A contrasting nail colour in an all black everything look is definitely eye-catching. I always find my skin can tend to appear quite dull and dry so moisturising is key – cocoa butter is no doubt one of my holy grail products. (Also I recently bought the Botanics Hydrating All Bright Day cream and I’m planning on posting a review on it soon so watch this space!).

What are you most looking forward to in A/W? Got any holy grail product picks for the chillier months? Feel free to comment them below!

Its only right that I include this song in this post in light of the title and that its a great chilled song, so thanks for reading and enjoy! 

Until next time, 



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    1. ah nice – the Chelsea ones or cut outs? urgh isn’t it the best?! Brilliant – I want to find a nice one this year to wrap up in haha!
      thank you so much for your comment btw! 🙂 xx


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