The VMAs 2014: Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé.

Okay so just how incredible was the VMAs Beyoncé concert Sunday night?! Seriously though, there were too many times I genuinely forgot about the rest of the VMAs and any other performances because well….Beyoncé. I’ve been waiting for a live full out televised awards performance from Bey for too long so its safe to say I was HYPED as was the rest of Twitter Hive. Speculation was rife with rumours as to what she was going to perform, who was going to present her with the MJ Video Vanguard Award and whether they’d be any special guests. In this post, I’m going to recap the big moments of the 2014 BeyMAs: looks of the night, the big performance and other best bits. Enjoy! [Apologies in advance for the lengthy read!]


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Images from

Bey graced the red carpet in an full length all black gown designed by Nicolas Jebran. The elegant ensemble comprised of lace and beaded detailing with geometric lines flattered her infamous curvy figure. Next for her Vanguard performance, she blew us away in a custom Tom Ford bejeweled one piece, accentuating that booty and tiny waist – flawless. And for the last look of the night – and my personal fave – her press room outfit. Bey changed into another showstopping figure hugging gown but this time a burgundy Zuhair Murad number which made her curves appear even more enviable.


 I literally don’t think I could’ve imagined anything more incredible than this performance. Queen only went and did a 15 minute MEDLEY OF ALL OF SELF TITLED. sibdisabida. I was another level hyped for this ’cause I’ve been waiting for some live vocals of Jealous (my songggg), No Angel and Mine and of course Rocket.  Bey started off with Mine and the camera started off with zoomed in her face and I was already welling up. After she and her amazing dancers hit some hard-hitting choreo to Mine, we were “welcomed to Beyoncé’s world” in the transition to Haunted in which snippets of Pretty Hurts and Ghost were heard. Keeping us all up in our feelings, the slayage continued with No Angel and “Jealous”. No Angel was remixed to perfection and Jealous….I got so emotional just because I never thought I’d hear it live. Things got a little hotter when Blow came on and the crowd got hype for newly choreographed Drunk In Love singing along to every word. As they should. B then slowed it down and heated things up once again when she sung “LET ME SIT THIS ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ON YA” – that’s right ROCKET! No lies, I felt faint at this point. And then when I thought it couldn’t get any better, that Partition chair choreo was flawlessly performed to the Rocket melody. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this woman stepped it UP. You thought it was done. NOPE. Cue transition into Flawless with Superpower instrumental played whilst Chimamanda’s poem verse boomed verbally and written. Bey then proceeded to ask the crowd if they were ready to get grimey – I was like ayyeeeeee yaassss!! Cue Bow Down/***Flawless realness and Blue Ivy proving she’s really Bey’s child when she was seen doing the I Woke Up Like Dis hands. Possibly the cutest thing you think you’d see all night. WRONG. After Bey had the crowd extra pumped with Yoncé, the stage cleared with just B and the big screen for an emotional rendition of Blue. This is where I lost it, I fully BAWLED like a baby. And when Bey started tearing up at the end, I sobbed harder. Then, she dedicated XO to her fans (low key mad, she didn’t say Beyhive but I’ll let it go) – best believed I cried again. And the tears didn’t stop as the performance came to a close, the crowd chanted “BE-YON-CE” as Jay and Blue came on stage to present Bey with the Vanguard Award. Bey cried, I sobbed and clapped like a deranged seal. Perfection. ***Flawless if you will.


1. Laverne Cox from Orange is The New Black absolutely STANNING for her life at every song, especially Blow. I lived.

2. Hearing Jealous live – I think its my fave off of BEYONCÉ and i never thought I’d hear it live.

3. Blue bopping along to Flawless was everything, Jay and Kelly’s reactions close by

4. Rita Ora standing up during Flawless like she was in church, haha yas!

5. This moment right hereMy heart.

6. Blue clapping and saying “Go Mommy!” was everything. To think 3 years ago, she was at the VMAs in B’s belly and now she’s there giving her mum the Vanguard Award. The tears were most certainly real.

7. The new choreography. Slayed once again.

8. Beyoncé asking the crowd if they’re ready to get grimey AND including the iconic reference to the elevator incident from the ***Flawless remix. I. Was. Not. Ready.

9. The way Bey was just beaming and glowing with joy the whole night – so beautiful.

10. You could see in her face how it meant everything to her; proud is an understatement to describe how I felt.

Apologies again for it being so lengthy but its Beyoncé so hopefully you can forgive me! What did you think of Beyoncé at the VMAs: loved (or hated) her three looks, her performance, the heartwarming Carter family moments? Let me know in the comments!

In case you haven’t already seen the performance that slayed the world – or if you just want to get your life again – I’ll leave you with this:

[UPDATE: apologies about the video link – looks like they’ve taken it down for copyright reasons!]

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