Music I’m Loving #2


Realised I haven’t done a “Music I’m Loving” post in a little while so in this one, I’ll be catching you guys up with what music I’ve been listening to and loving recently. Here we go..

1.  Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass 

This continually came up as a suggestion when I was having a YouTube browse and I wasn’t expecting great things to be honest. I was very wrong and I had it on replay for about the next hour. There was a lot of controversy around this track and its “supposed skinny-shaming” which I disagree with as I see it as a fun and unique song with a retro-vibe simply promoting a bit of tongue-in-cheek body positivity. Plus the video features Sione Maraschino who you’ll most likely recognise from his car park dancing vines (refresh your memory here). What more could you want?!

2. The Saturdays – 808

[There’s no video for this track and the only unpitched audio was on Soundcloud] I actually heard this in the background on Big Brother 2014: Live Final and just really liked the beat – definitely didn’t expect it to be a Sats track so I was pleasantly surprised! ‘808’ is a summer party song that kind of reminds me of their older sound. I’ve been pretty disappointed with a lot of the Saturdays recent releases, I always find myself enjoying their unreleased more than their actual single picks. I seriously wish they’d picked 808 as the lead single or at least are planning on officially releasing it – I can imagine it doing SO well. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts!

3. Yemi Alade – Johnny

I heard this earlier this year but played it more often when summer came around. Coming from a Nigerian family, Afrobeats will always be a genre I know and love. Its basically about a guy – Johnny – who’s a player, gets around a bit and leaves all the several women he gets with. The video features Yemi as one of the many women and shows her getting down to some choreo amongst some good ol’ Afro comedy (think Nollywood haha!). I personally love how it goes back to the roots in a playful way and that beat is infectious.  If you’re a bit confused, don’t worry, just dance.

5. Come Over (ft. Stylo G) – Clean Bandit 

This was released earlier this month as a follow up to Extraordinary and their hit Rather Be. Its got that electro/reggae/fusion/orchestral feel to it and i’m loving it. Jamacian artist Stylo G features on the vocals alongside the band’s cellist Grace which makes the track so fresh and eclectic sounding. Their video was filmed in both Svalbard and Marrakech with beautiful scenic shots drawing on the contrasting climates. Clean Bandit produced and filmed both the video and the song themsleves so hats off to them for that!

6. MNEK – Wrote A Song About You 

MNEK (pronounced em-en-ee-kay not emneck) is a genius (and I just found out he’s 19 as well whaaat). You may already recognise the name from the Gorgon City hit, Ready For Your Love or better yet some of his own stuff. I thought Every Little Word was class but Wrote a Song About You is that next level ish. The beat gets hotter and hotter as the track goes on which I love – I go between wanting to have a chilled groove to wanting to full out get down in the club. MNEK’s vocals are on point, and can we talk about his style? Just yaaassss honey yaaass. No but really, I’m loving this one, not just for summer either. The video is super cool and all colourful and trippy and retro and that. Keep an eye out for MNEK, I can sense he’s set for even bigger things! Also this tune is out in a week so preorder here.

7. GRL – Ugly Heart

Little background, these girls were meant to be like ‘Pussycat Dolls 2.0’ (similar to Girlicious and Paradiso Girls) as they were created the dolls creator, Robin Antin. Personally, I’m glad they’ve taken a bit of a different route as it means they come out with songs like this one. You may recognise G.R.L from their feature on Pitbull’s track ‘Wild Wild Love’ or from their own song ‘Vacation’. I prefer Ugly Heart any day – the girls look good, great choreo, video is fun, vocals are brill and the chorus speaks the TRUTH and nothing but. Oh and Simone’s (first girl singing in first verse) hair is lush.

Wow, so apparently I had a lot more to say on each song than I originally thought – I guess its been a while oops! I’ll try and do more regular ‘Music I’m Loving’ posts so they’re a bit shorter in the future.

Do you like any of the tracks I’ve picked, or are there any other songs you’ve been loving recently? I love reading comments so do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Until next time,



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