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So some background on how this post came about. Last month, I went to Boots Head Office in Nottingham to do a work placement in within their marketing department. Before the placement, we were asked to do a SWOT analysis of Boots and I had mentioned how I think there should be an expansion of Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty products. Fast forward to my second day of placement, I’m in one of the Latest Finds department meetings where they’re discussing doing just that – I was in such shock. This then lead to me getting some Niwel make up freebies (that was a BRILLIANT day, just saying) to test out and give feedback on. I chose an eyeshadow, mascara and a blush – three items which most people will use on a day to day basis.

Two quick disclaimers before I get started on the actual review: 

1. This post is a “little” lengthier than usual – apologies in advance but hopefully you’ll enjoy!

2. I’m just a make up lover not a pro artist so all views are honest, my own and not affiliated with those of Boots or Niwel.

Right, NOW we can get started.

So I hadn’t actually heard of Niwel when I picked out the products. After doing a little Google search, I know they’re a French beauty brand who primarily look after hair –  mixed race/afro-caribbean specifically – alongside their own make up and skin care ranges.

First up: the eyeshadow

finaleyeshadowThis is the Pure Pearl Eye Shadow by Niwel. I personally would describe this as an “metallic chrome colour”… possibly leaning towards a “pigmented steel”. I love how rich and pigmented the colour came out just when I tested it on my arm. I actually wore it for a wedding and found that the colour held all day which was great. However, I do find for me personally it can be too bright a colour for my skin tone so I used this eyeshadow as a base to build darker colours around it whilst still brightening my eye makeup.

Like: Rich pigmentation and can build it up to be bright or subtle as you please depending on your skin tone and personal preferences; the colours holds all day (even when there’s no primer!)

Dislike: Would have probably preferred it to be a darker grey to suit my skin tone better and so I can wear it more often than I do.

Secondly: the mascara


This is called the All-In-One Mascara (Black) by Niwel. This mascara aims to deliver both length and volume to your lashes at the same time using the curved wand as seen in the picture above. My eyelashes are a decent length and volume already so this mascara helped to emphasise that which was good but I did have to do quite a few coats for a proper difference to be seen. I’ve found that for it to work for me, I use it as a “base” coat to seperate and bring out my lashes before using another mascara (Rimmel London Volume Flash x10 Waterproof Mascara 001 Black) on top to give a more dramatic look I guess.

Like: Its great if you’re going for very subtle, barely there, natural look and it does separate your lashes – in particular bottom lashes – which open out your eyes that little bit more. 

Dislike: Have to top up quite frequently if I’ve worn this mascara by itself and would LOVE if there was a waterproof version as I prefer to wear waterproof makeup (I cry a lot when I laugh and this is daily so waterproof makeup is my bestie).

And last but certainly not least: the blusher 


This blusher is simply called Blush and its available in three colours, this one being the lightest one. I was the most excited about trying this blush out of all three products because its so hard to come across rich peachy/coral blushers that are pigmented yet can still be understated AND still suit my skin tone. When you look at the blush, you think that its too orangey, bright and pigmented for darker skin tones such as my own but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I apply it onto the apples of my cheeks and upwards (along the cheekbone) and literally with a stroke or two of my kabuki brush, my face has that subtle but warm, holiday summery glow to it. So picking this colour was a good find for this season I think *pats self on the back*.

Like: The summery but subtle coral colour blends well with the rest of my makeup; if you wanted a more obvious finish, you can build it up to as bright as you desire. 

Dislike: I don’t really dislike anything about it to be honest – I do top it up now and then when I’m wearing it and I guess those who prefer their blush to be quite harsh and obvious, you’d have to do this a bit more frequently but other than this no complaints!

Overall, I’m really happy with these products and Niwel makeup as a brand. I LOVE the fact that they cater for even the darkest of skin tones as well which is very rare to find in the UK. As I said at the start of this post, Niwel are a French brand so they’re not that very well known at the moment but I’m hoping high-street health and beauty stores will consider stocking their products to expand their makeup ranges further to cater for Afro-Caribbean skin tones more.

If you’d like to find out more about Niwel as a brand and what they offer, you can do via the following:

Twitter: @Niwel_officiel    Facebook:     Website:

I personally would love to try out a few more of their products as these were such good quality, in particular their foundation and lipsticks which look lush.

Phew, told you this was a lengthy one but hopefully you enjoyed having a read and it was worth it! Had you heard of Niwel before this post? If you had or this post introduced you to them, please let me know by giving this post a like and show some love in the comments box below! If you’ve tried these products or any other Niwel products before, I’d love to know your thoughts so do let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully this post was as enjoyable for you to read as it was for me to try these out – I hope to do a few more like this in the future so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Until next time,



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[Okay now I’m done, byeeee!]


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