Beyoncé x Nicki Minaj = Flawless. Literally.

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj being the ***Flawless selfie queens they are for the Flawless remix artwork

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj being the ***Flawless selfie queens they are for the Flawless remix artwork


SO, if you haven’t already heard – and if this is the case where on earth have you been hiding – Queen B dropped a remix of the already iconic anthem that is “***Flawless” featuring Nicki Minaj.

All this week, Twitter speculation was on another level with Bey rumours, and as a Beystan I don’t like to look into them too much as majority of these rumours are…just rumours.

You’d think since the surprise album I’d have prepared myself for anything Bey could and would do next. Lemme tell you now – I. Was. Not. Ready.

I’m still trying to comprehend what has gone down with this surprise drop and have been spamming on Twitter all day since (I’m not even sorry), so I’m gonna keep it brief and tell you about the key moments:

1. Beyoncé aka Yoncé aka Third Ward Trill rapping

I was slayed before I even heard Yoncé’s voice so when she started rapping – I was DONE. I live for when Bey gets a little bit ratchet.

2. Reference to THAT elevator incident 

B repeats “Of course sometimes sh*t goes down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator” twice, laughs and then a cash register sounds. I feel like NO more should ever be said about the fallout again because this one liner has said MORE than enough. QUEEN.

3. Beyoncé summoning Nicki as ‘ONIKA’

This moment here is like when your parents call you by your middle name, you just know something’s going down. This right here at the 2.16 – the greatness went to a level that, again, nobody wasn’t ready for. The chills.

4. Nicki’s verse….That’s all that needs to be said.

I’m not a Nicki stan but I will always pay credit where its due, like here where its due x 1000000. Nicki KILLED it. Like I knew she would do but AGAIN, I wasn’t ready. She even slipped in a little controversial MJ reference – I’ll let you find that one yourself. “Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen B” – Nicki stanning for Bey… need I say more? NOPE. NEXT.

5. That beat. That bass.

The original beat for ***Flawless was already hot but this remix beat is just sooo sicccckkkkkk. The heavy bass, the added synths and sounds, pauses – YAAASSS.

So now like my Twitter followers, you’ve probably grasped by now that I’m LOVING this remix and I’m praying we get an official release on iTunes along with a music video. Until then, I’ll be jammin’  by myself to the audio, anxiously waiting at midnight for anymore surprises.

You can listen on SoundCloud below or go to and let me know your thoughts on the remix in the comments section AND vote in the poll below! Do you think this remix was more ***flawless the original? Was Nicki the right choice for the remix or would you have preferred someone else?

Hope you enjoy!

Until next time,




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