Introducing EST. Since 94

ifyouneverknowToday, the words in the picture above could not ring truer to me if they tried.

So since early this year, I’ve been back and forth with the idea of starting my own blog and opted to start a Tumblr one instead  as a ‘feeler’ almost to see if enjoyed it and I did and still do.

I’m an avid blog lover myself and my iPod notes and Tumblr drafts section are filled with blog posts, my only issue was I had nowhere to put them. Fast forward a few months later and much deliberation, I can now introduce ‘EST. since 94’. YAY.

I deliberated so much due to reading so many posts about sticking to one niche e.g. beauty and writing solely about that and that just doesn’t appeal to me. All aspects of my life are so diverse and eclectic that having a narrow focus on my blog wouldn’t make sense. The best advice I was given was by Selina at Flying Saucer who said to me “its more of a virtual diary on everything you love, do, read, wear, eat and think.”. Hit the nail on the head with my intentions basically and I couldn’t thank her enough because now here I am writing my first post!

I feel that blogging is such a nice creative outlet to express my interests and thoughts – whether that be style, trend, life updates, shopping, beauty, pop culture, music.

I’m by no means a pro or anything, I’m just someone who wants to share her views on a casual basis and hope people enjoy reading them!

If you want to know a little more about myself, go over to the About Me page.

So yeah…I think that’s all there is to say at this point but stay tuned for more posts to come, and I hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,




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